Our lighting enhances and transforms the venue which enable to create truly unforgettable environment that will surpass you and your guests expectations. Ambiance of an event is necessary as it gets guests "in the mood" and is rewarding. The result of that influence is happier guests who will tell others about the good feelings they experienced. We are here to dramatically enhance your event details and showcase you and your guests in the most flattering light. Lush Events can assist you whether you are looking to create a night club feel or clean and simple washed look for your special day.

dj uplighting


To transform your event venue, uplighting is one service you do not want to miss out on! Lush Events uplighting services can help you illuminate your event and make the ordinary venue an extraordinary one. We customize our lighting design to make your event unique using the best color patterns and fine tuning the intensity to set the mood that best fits your celebration's overall design and vibe. We are here to develop a unique design and layout that will enhance the mood and breathe life into your space.To create stunning lighting effect that transforms your venue and WOW your guests.



Lush Events provides Intelligent Lighting to create effects that transforms the room into a fun, energy-filled atmosphere. Our lighting team's intelligent lighting provides speed, intensity and also can synchronize with the music. It involves automated LED lights, computer programming and the handiwork of a professional lighting designer, which together can produce intricate colors and patterns. With lights that move to the music, our intelligent lighting provides the perfect atmosphere to encourage everyone to join the party on the dance floor. We are lighting experts are here so your memories are as vivid and beautiful as the day you experienced your vision brought to life.